Take Sunsafe Rx Once Per Day

Sunsafe Rx is easy to use; just take one capsule per day. If you’re in the sun that day, take it 60 minutes before sun exposure. On days with prolonged sun exposure, take one additional capsule.

The natural antioxidants in Sunsafe Rx accumulate in your body over time; maximum effectiveness is reach after several weeks or more by taking one capsule every day—even on days without sun exposure.

Take one capsule of Sunsafe Rx 60 minutes prior to sun exposure to help support your skin and eyes during sun exposure. For maximum benefit, take Sunsafe Rx daily—even when you’re not in the sun.

Sunsafe Rx is formulated for women and men of all skin types and is beneficial to your health year-round, with or without sun exposure. It is made with natural ingredients from foods and plants that can be consumed every day.

You can use Sunsafe Rx while jogging, biking, golfing, hiking, skiing, surfing, gardening, playing tennis, shopping, driving, and during any other activity outdoors. You can also use Sunsafe Rx year-round—with or without sun exposure—as a supplement with antioxidant benefits for healthy skin, eyes, and body.

More about how to use Sunsafe Rx

Every day

For maximum effectiveness, take Sunsafe Rx every day because the ingredients build up in your system over time. Since you’re always taking it, you’ll have support whenever you happen to be exposed to the sun.

In preparation for a sunny vacation

You may start taking Sunsafe Rx before a trip to a location with more sun then you normally experience. In these cases, getting these ingredients a few weeks ahead of time to prepare your skin for increased sun exposure may have a dramatic, positive effect on your health. Continue taking Sunsafe Rx prior to daily sun exposure throughout your trip.

Before going in the sun

You can also take Sunsafe Rx prior to occasional sun exposure. Although the ingredients are stored in your body and accumulate over time, they still show some support for your skin and eyes when taken less frequently.

Some people like the convenience of periodic use and you may find it helpful to carry some capsules with you at all times for when you need them most.

After sun exposure

The ingredients in Sunsafe Rx support a healthy inflammatory response. Take Sunsafe Rx as soon as possible after sun exposure to aid your normal recovery.

For overall health

You are constantly bombarded with free radicals in your daily life—even when you’re not in the sun. This causes damage throughout your body.

The powerful antioxidants in Sunsafe Rx are healthy for your whole body—not just your skin and eyes. Take Sunsafe Rx to support your immune system and fight free-radicals.

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