How Sunsafe Rx Works

For years it has been known that eating certain foods can provide your skin with protection from the damaging effects of the sun. Further research over the past few decades has uncovered what some of the specific compounds in these foods are and why they have such a beneficial effect. Sunsafe Rx was developed to take advantage of the most effective of these compounds.

Sunsafe Rx is a natural product, made from foods and plants, with antioxidants that show strong photo-protective properties for your skin and eyes.

Sunsafe Rx uses specific ingredients, isolated from foods and plants, which extensive scientific research shows can promote your skin’s natural defenses against UV rays. These powerful antioxidants help your body quench free radicals created by ultraviolet radiation before they can do extensive damage.

Sunlight directly triggers free-radical damage to your skin cells. This damage can manifest itself as sunburn, or damage your skin without any visible signs of sunburn at all.

Additionally, sunlight triggers inflammation and immunosuppression (the decreased effectiveness of your immune system). Over time, the cumulative effects of repetitive sun damage mutate DNA and can even lead to skin cancer.

Your skin does have innate antioxidant systems to help mitigate this damage, but they are often overwhelmed. Sunsafe Rx naturally boosts these antioxidant systems to provide your skin with additional defenses against sun damage.

Sunsafe Rx fights free-radicals, protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB rays while at the same time reducing skin inflammation, preserving immune function, and preventing or treating a number of photosensitivity reactions.

Sunsafe Rx was developed with natural compounds that benefit your skin and eyes; clinical studies with these compounds validate their protective effect, ensuring you experience the most effective protection available in a capsule.

By taking Sunsafe Rx, you will safely and naturally:

  • Help protect your skin from sun damage
  • Prevent unnecessary skin aging and wrinkles
  • Support the health of your skin and eyes

After taking Sunsafe Rx, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and transported throughout your body—including to your skin—where they are able to provide protection from UV rays. Research shows these antioxidants are measured in skin at close to peak concentrations less than 60 minutes after ingestion, and these levels stay elevated for several hours or more of protection.

These same active ingredients also accumulated in and around your skin cells over time, so the effectiveness of Sunsafe Rx increases with regular use. Once these maximally beneficial levels of active ingredients are reached—over several weeks or more—their efficacy is maintained by continuing to take Sunsafe Rx. If the use of Sunsafe Rx is discontinued, the levels of active ingredients in your body slowly decrease and the protection of your skin subsides.

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