The Truth About Sunscreen: Are Labels Lying?

Woman Using Sunscreen Lotion

If you use topical sunscreen lotions, here are some important points to understand this summer (from ABC News):

The Truth About Sunscreen: Are Labels Lying?

This video and accompanying article explain how much sunscreen is actually necessary to receive the purported benefits of sunscreen lotions, that the benefits of sunscreen lotions may be misleading, that many sunscreen lotions don’t actually protect you very well from UVA rays, and that sunscreen lotions aren’t actually sweatproof or waterproof.

The second video (plays automatically after the first) with Diane Sawyer also mentions that the incidence rates of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer are increasing (1 American dies of melanoma every hour), but misses on the causes of melanoma. Melanoma really isn’t well understood, and one scientific theory is that melanoma may be caused in part by a lack of Vitamin D.

Of course, this ABC story also fails to mention that many of the ingredients in topical sunscreen lotions are toxic, and some of these chemicals may actually increase free radical damage to your skin. For more information on sunscreens, including recommendations, please read this page:

The Drawbacks Of Sunscreen Lotion