An Overview of the Ingredients in Sunsafe Rx

Sunsafe Rx Ingredients Prevent Sun Damage

The secret of Sunsafe Rx is Antioxidine. Antioxidine is a proprietary formulation that contains a very precise, powerful blend of specific antioxidants that decades of clinical research shows are each able to support your skin and eyes and provide natural, healthy, anti-aging protection.

Each ingredient in Proprietary Antioxidine Complex has been clinically shown to provide antioxidant protection and help defend against some of the effects of environmental exposure. The combination of these ingredients is incredibly powerful. And the ratios and amounts of each ingredient have been optimized to confer the ideal health benefits.

For instance, one ingredient, Polypodium leucotomos, is a fern native to Central and South America; a leaf extract of the fern has been used in Central America for hundreds of years and in Europe for decades as a skin protectant.

The proanthocyanidins in grape seed extract and the EGCG from the Green Tea extract we use in Sunsafe Rx also have protective properties, as does DHA and EPA omega-3 oils. And the many different types of carotenes (including lycopene) and xanthophylls (including astaxanthin) also support your skin during exposure.

In addition, the antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin are important components of the retina of the eye and necessary to support your sensitive eye tissue from exposure to the elements.

Other ingredients in Sunsafe Rx that are great for your skin and overall health including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, and selenium.

Sunsafe Rx is manufactured in California with pure, premium ingredients from foods and plants. These ingredients are natural and have been shown to be healthy and extremely efficacious.

Here’s more information about each individual ingredient in Sunsafe Rx, including journal articles substantiating the protective properties of each ingredient:

Research On The Ingredients In Sunsafe Rx