How You Can Use Sunsafe Rx

Woman Using Sunsafe Rx

Sunsafe Rx is designed for women and men of all skin types to help fight the appearance of skin aging. To benefit, simply take 1 capsule per day, 60 minutes before exposure to the elements. For optimal results, take 1 capsule every day—even on days without any exposure. On days with prolonged exposure take 1 additional capsule. Maximum effectiveness is reached after several weeks of daily use as the beneficial antioxidants accumulate in your skin, increasing the supportive effects.

Sunsafe Rx is used by a wide variety of individuals:

  • Athletes who get copious amounts of outdoor exposure
  • Travelers and vacationers who get lots of exposure in a short period of time
  • People who only get occasional exposure
  • Individuals who consistently get short amounts of exposure

Use Sunsafe Rx during any activity involving environmental exposure:

  • Exercising, such as jogging, walking, and biking
  • Playing sports, such as tennis, surfing, volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and swimming
  • Shopping, gardening, camping, hiking, and skiing
  • Driving to and from work

You can also use Sunsafe Rx when you aren’t ourdoors as a general antioxidant for healthy skin, eyes, and body–especially since the antioxidants naturally present in foods have been slowly decreasing for decades.

Furthermore, you can take Sunsafe Rx for several weeks or more leading up to a vacation with more exposure than normal.

Of course, Sunsafe Rx can also be used daily as a supplement for healthy skin and eyes—regardless of exposure. And because it’s filled with natural antioxidants that continuously support your body’s normal efforts to fight free-radical damage, it’s healthy for your whole body.

Sunsafe Rx can be used synergistically with topical sunscreen lotion.

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